GPS Tracking and Geo Fencing

Collect and monitor GPS data in order to track movements, establish patterns and set boundaries (such as school zones or specific addresses) for your client. Get alerted when a client violates release conditions, breaks curfew or deviates from a scheduled routine.

No Server Infrastructure Required

Run the platform on hardware you already own and use. Our program requires no additional servers. Avoid concerns such as infrastructure management or privacy compliance with third party vendors. Our unique design puts your data in your hands and only your hands.

Use Your Clients Existing Device

Expand your monitoring capabilities without the need for extra hardware. Our software runs on Apple IOS or Android. Our client software allows for passive tracking, communication, alert notifications, scheduled check-ins and photo verification.

Improve engagement and accountability

The easy to use AEMS Client app improves engagement and accountability, helping your client complete the terms of their supervision.

Accurate locaton tracking

The AEMS Supervisor Application is integrated with Google Maps, allowing officers to quickly identify a clients location and put movement patterns into context.

Increased connectivity to clients

Manage and message all of your clients from your pc workstation. Connect to them on their mobile devices without the need of a cellphone.

Reduce the cost of community supervision

Using your clients existing device provides an alternative to expensive device monitoring hardware.

Better management of high caseloads

Monitor and manage your clients remotely through one coherent dashboard.

Increase efficiency of supervision

Increase the efficiency of supervision by highlighting those who do not meet expected behavior patterns.

Contact us to learn more or download the AEMS Supervisor Application to get started.